The difference between PE rattan and natural rattan

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What is PE rattan?

  1. PE rattan is polyethylene resin, which is a high-tech polymer material.The material is relatively safe and reliable. No pollution. The material is mainly polyethylene, and powder into, in which the roportion of polyethylene is slightly larger, after special processing It is made of art, and the produced rattan furniture products have certain characteristics.High temperature and corrosion resistance, and it is not easy to fade over time color issue.
  2. Although it is made manually, the whole process does not add other its additives or toxic and harmful substances, so it can be done without It is poisonous and environmentally friendly, and it can also effectively change the natural rattan’s easy to be damp,cracking problem and better price than natural rattan benefit.

Difference between pe rattan and natural rattan

  1. The first difference is in performance, the softness of PE rattan is not Very good, can effectively prevent the phenomenon of rattan breakage, in addition Its anti-oxidation is very outstanding, and it has a certain anti-ultraviolet effect.fruit. However, natural rattan, relatively speaking, has insufficient toughness and anti-oxidation.Afraid of sun exposure, there may be a problem of fading later.
  2. The second difference is in the degree of environmental protection, PE rattan is a polyethylene tree Grease is a high-tech polymer material, non-toxic and tasteless It can be recycled and reused, so it is truly 100% environmentally friendly Pollution.
  3. The third difference is the comparison of aesthetics, you will find PE rattan。The furniture produced is smooth to the touch and not easy to fluff. And day,However, the surface of the rattan is relatively rough, and it will appear after a long time of use.Problems with fluff and breakage.
  4. The fourth difference is that in terms of maintenance difficulty, pe rattan is easier to maintain.Easy to clean, easy to maintain, and anti-insect and anti-mildew. but Natural rattan, if it is placed outdoors, it is easy to be damaged by wind and rain.Mildew is easy to grow insects, so generally it can only be used indoors.


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