About Us

Welcome to Just Cool Rattan Furniture – the home of rattan furniture.

We are a combined wholesaler of manufacturing and trade, producing and exporting outdoor rattan furniture in China. Most customers can benefit from our products.

At Just Cool, we are passionate about outdoor living, understanding that the customers value their gardens as an extension of their home. This means that not only do we promise to bring our customers the latest, most innovative, and practical designs in garden furniture, but we also deliver outdoor living as a whole, aiming to bring you everything you need to create the perfect space. This involves everything from outdoor heating and outdoor lighting to sun protection in the form of parasols.

Over 20 years of experience in this field. Just Cool has been at the forefront of the garden furniture industry, bringing exclusive and innovative designs to our customers as well as top-level customer service.

This confidence in our products allows us to offer extended warranties of 2-3 years. This not only shows our faith in the superior quality of our products but also gives you the confidence to buy with peace of mind. Enjoy your purchase and return back to us again and again.

Just Cool – for all your outdoor living needs.


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