Get Your Garden Ready For Visitors After Lockdown

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On March 29th we’re officially allowed to mingle with people again! Yes, Boris waved the green flag on us having up to six people in our garden. After months of following the rules and staying inside, your garden might have become a little neglected but, worry not, we are here to provide you with the guide to preparing your outdoor space so you can give your friends and family the warm welcome when they deserve.

The Lawn/Patio

Whether you’re more of a lawn person or patio its a well known fact the winter weather is never the nicest to them. So you’re going to want to make sure they are both looknig fresh.

Patios and decked areas can become incredibly dirty over the winter period. The best way to give it a new lease of life is to get a jet wash to clean your patio, the pressure of the water is sure to have the whole thing cleaned in now time. However if you don’t have one to hand then the next best thing would the be the garden hose and a bucket of soapy water, this way of cleaning may require more elbow grease but the results will be the same.

As for Lawns, the only answer is a lawnmower, unless you intend of spending the next week on your hands and knees with a pair of clippers that is! Get the lawnmower over the whole thing, grab a rake and get rid of all the cut grass, and use clippers to get rid of weeds or to tidy up and corners.

A bit of colour?

The winter won’t have served any of our beautiful flowers well so injecting some new plants and flowers aroudn the place to brighten up your garden is sure to wow your guests. A quick trip to a garden centre and purchase of some pre grown potted plants will work perfectly, either re plants them or keep them in the pots, either way it will make your guests think you’ve got a real green thumb!

Rattan furniture

We might be biased but we believe that rattan is the KEY to making any garden space another living room, they are comfy, lightweight and so stylish. We recommend taking a browse at our rattan furniture and finding the ideal set for you. Rattan corner sets are very popular at the moment as they’ve got enough space for everyone to sit around, and fit nicely into the corner of your garden. If you want more of a center of attention then a rattan sofa set could be the one!


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